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About Knights of Chaos
The Knights of Chaos [CHA0S]
A Newfoundland Guild

We are a friendly community of active players and welcome people that enjoy this great game and love doing Quests, Adventure's and generally helping out other players.

For those of you that haven't been in a guild before, a whole new level of gameplay will open, with guild mates that are always there to help with resources and advice.

For the ones that are familiar with guilds, you can expect quality time with experienced players.

And most important of all, we have fun!

Prerequisites to join:
  • Be an active player
  • 18 years or older (PEGI-18)

Guild Quests or GQ:

This is all we ask:

  • Complete your daily guild quests 
  • Respect the Guild Officers and other Guild members.
  • Help out your fellow guild mates, always trade below market value, exchanging buffs is encouraged
  • Talk in guild chat, follow PEGI-18 in guild chat and PEGI-7 in Global chat.
  • Try your best to stay active and inform one of the Officers if you are planning to be inactive for more than a few days.
  • Do not ask for free or reduced priced resources if you plan on selling them outside of the guild for a profit. Only ask for resources you plan to use yourself.
  • Follow chat rules in world chat, because you will be representing the guild as its member.

Now for the goodies:

  • A wealth of knowledge from lots of regular Level 50+ players, resources and advice on our private webpage
  • Occasional competitions
  • An Adventure Vault / Library (For those who just want that adventure that they don't just hold yet)

Who is who?

You can contact any of these players on chat to join or any other general reasons:

Rebloom: Guild position: "Guild Leader"  

Meekah: Guild position is "General Officer" 

Iosiara: Guild position: "General Officer"  

Avetic: Guild position is "Recruitment Officer" 

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